Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog Organization

I'm trying to transition off of this blogger account and onto wordpress. I've had a few wordpress accounts for the last couple of years, and I've finally settled down into 4 blogs that I plan on updating regularly.

My faith related blog is called Cure of Souls.
My sailing blog is BVI 2010.
My scuba diving blog is called The Misadventures of a Landlocked Diver.
And finally, my genealogy research is collected at The Bradley Project.

After spending a couple of years in both "worlds", I've found Wordpress to be far better and easier to navigate. Having all my active blogs in one place will be easier for me as well. I've put most of my old posts from here onto the appropriate blogs (or will have in the next few days). I will also keep this blog intact. For my three followers, I hope you join me over at wordpress!


-byron said...


I hope you are doing well. I've enjoyed being discipled via your blog, and I miss our usually lengthy discussions! I have never even looked at Wordpress, but I will have to venture over to continue with your virtual tutoring. Thank you for being faithful to the message of Christ and his centrality to Scripture, our lives and our world. Just thought you might need some encouragement. :)

Matthew Bradley said...

Hey Byron!

Thanks for leaving the note. I hope you're doing well. Make sure to keep up over at the other blog. I don't know how long I'll be active, but it looks like I have a few months worth of posts in the hopper. I'm enjoying myself for now, anyway.

Take care!