Friday, December 10, 2010

Books Every Lay Person Should Read: Living in God's Two Kingdoms by David VanDrunen

Our next book is Living in God's Two Kingdoms by David VanDrunen.

Who is the author? David is a professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California and an ordained minister in the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church).

What is the book about? The book explains in mostly general terms how we are to live as Christians in the culture.

Why is this book worth reading? Where to begin? First, the book is thoroughly biblical and soundly theological. In fact, even if you don't agree with his conclusions about interacting with culture, you will come away from this book with a profound understanding of God's redemptive work, the place of Adam in that work, the centrality and priority of Christ in that work, and who we are and how we fit into that work. This alone is worth the price of the book. However, these things have implications for how we relate to culture. There is a popular idea that is growing more and more common among groups such as the "emergents" that somehow we are suppose to "redeem" culture. This leads churches to use the tithes and offerings they have received and dedicated to use in God's kingdom in inappropriate ways, it confuses Christians about who we are and what Christ has already accomplished on our behalf, and it leads to a loss of focus on the part of the Church. This book will reorient your understanding of the Church and how it relates to culture. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Brief? It may stretch the definition of brief for the average reader, but it qualifies!
Easy to read? This book will stretch you. But with careful reading, most shouldn't have any trouble.
Biblically and theologically sound? Check
On an important topic? Check

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