Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overtures 5 and 10

(I will update this post as things unfold)

The committee has recommended that #10 be answered in the negative.

David Coffin has moved that the report be approved.

EJ Nusbaum has made a motion that we receive the minority report.

Mr. Coffin is now speaking for the committee report against the minority report.

Mr. Nusbaum is now speaking for the minority report.

Mr. Coffin is now rebutting.

The matter is now open for floor debate.

An argument was made that the minority report is our of order. This was rejected by the moderator. [By the way, I should have reported that Brad Bradley recused himself from the chair for this debate since he has signed the minority report]

The question was called, but the moderator said it was out of order. 60 minutes is provided for floor debate and it cannot be ended early by calling the question. We have roughly ten more minutes of debate remaining (up to about 3 pm). However, the Assembly may vote more time.

Among the many speaking for and against the minority report, Brian Habig is currently arguing for the minority report.

Debate has now ended. Mr. Coffin is now making his closing argument.

We are now voting.

This is going to be close! Division has been called.

There will be a vote count.

The minority report has been rejected by the Assembly by a vote of 446 to 427. How's that for close!

We are now voting on the committee report. It has passed. There will not be a study committee.


Bill said...

Thanks Matt for the updates!

Bill said...


Bill said...

Matt, BTW, that was Bill Hart (me) that said "Excellent!!!".

M. Jay Bennett said...

This is like a sporting event! I never knew Presbyterian polity could be so exciting. :-)

reformationfaith said...

Matt thanks for the updates. On this particular issue, I believe the GA correctly nixed the study committee idea. Congregations should fall back in line with the BCO as it stands and if they desire, seek changes through the appointed means...the church courts via amendments.