Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back in session

We are back in session and are approving the floor nominations to various committees.

Once we're done with this, we should return to overtures. I'm not sure if we'll take Overture 6 or 5 and 10 first.

The Minority Report re: Overture 10 reads as follows:

Recommended that the Assembly answer Overture 10 (as amended) in the affirmative. The amended overture, (with the amendments in bold, italics underlined [I'm just bolding and italicizing them in yellow- mtb]) is as follows:

Be it resolved that the 37th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America authorize the Moderator to appoint a study committee representing the diversity of opinion within the PCA, including up to two advisory members who may be women, to study and report to the General Assembly in the form of a pastoral letter that the General Assembly could choose to commend to the presbyteries for their study. This pastoral letter should address the following questions:

1) What sorts of roles may women fill in the life of the church that are faithful to the Scriptures?

2) Strike

3) With respect to (1) above, what elements of organization and accountability to ordained leadership can be commended to PCA churches that are consistent with the BCO?

4) Strike

We are now swearing in the nominees, so overtures should be coming right up...

EDIT: Among the names on the minority report: Kevin Twit, Brad Bradley, Bryan Chapell, Jeffrey Meyers, David Clelland, and EJ Nusbaum.

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