Saturday, January 03, 2009

English Football Roundup

As we round the corner into 2009, it's time to get caught up on English Football. Three competitions stand out in English football (winning all three is called the "treble"). We'll take them one at a time.

English Premier League
This is the top 20 twenty sides in English football. We've reached mid-season and the January transfer window is open, but not quite newsworthy as yet. The top four are Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Aston Villa, with Arsenal in a close fifth place. No big surprises here.

FA Cup
762 teams compete this year in the FA Cup! Teams from all levels of English football compete. The Premier League teams enter the competition in round three, which began this week. Notable results so far...Arsenal has won their match against Plymouth Argyle, Chelsea had to settle for a draw against Southend United, while Manchester City took a 0-3 drubbing from Nottingham Forest at home! Liverpool is leading Preston North End 0-1 as I write this. If you needed a better reason to watch English football than the fact that they don't have commercial breaks, FA Cup is your reason. This is good stuff.

UEFA Champion's League
Think World Cup for European club sides. As of now Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U, and Arsenal are still in the running. Group stage is over. First knockout round begins 24 February.

You can follow all these as well as World Cup Qualifying in the column on the right. Enjoy!

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