Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Goddess of War

We (Leslie, Ian, I, and my parents) had the rare privilege of receiving a private guided tour of Nashville's Parthenon today from a former curator. This is the same Parthenon that attacked Xavier earlier in the year. For a few dollars apiece, we entered the first floor and toured a hall full of photos recalling the Centennial celebration that served as the setting for the Parthenon. On the second floor is the replica of the Parthenon interior. It's incredibly well done, perhaps missing only the reflecting pool which would have stood between Athena and the entrance. Athena stands over 41 feet tall and is gilded in gold almost all over. To put it in perspective, can you see Nike standing in her outstretched right hand? Nike stands 6' 4" tall. If you live in Nashville and haven't ever been inside, it's well worth the trip. Attach yourself to one of the many school tours going through and you'll learn quite a bit! Many thanks to the kind member of our church that spent her morning guiding us through the world's only complete replica of this amazing piece of history.


Janice said...

Wow - sorry we missed that. We'll have to try again before too long.

Matthew Bradley said...

We hated that you had to leave, but hope your trip went well and you arrived at a decent hour. It was great to have you guys with us, even if only for a brief visit!