Saturday, September 06, 2008

Over the hills and through the woods...

We are loving Nashville! Today we drove about 15 minutes to Radnor Lake State Natural Area and hiked a little over 2 miles through some beautiful lakeside forest. You can see the pictures here. The temps were perfect...around 67. We packed some sandwiches and drinks and headed out. When you're at the park, it's hard to believe you're so close to downtown. Twenty minutes at most would put you right downtown. We saw several groups of whitetail deer and a gaggle of Canadian Geese. The park even has bald eagles, although we didn't see any today.

This trip was also a little test to see how Ian would do hiking. He did great! I'm starting to plan a trip to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park in the Spring. He'll have his own pack and we'll be on the trail for about 4 days. I'm hoping on his first big trip we can do at least 8 miles a day, but we'll just have to see. I'm going to take him out again to Radnor, just the two of us, and do about a 5 mile hike (you can't do much more at Radnor without doing a second lap). There are two trails in particular that include a significant climb (one to the top of the highest point in the Nashville Basin). This should give me some idea how he'll do. We'll keep adding distance and weight until we are able to do 8 miles with packs. That should get us ready for the GSMNP in the Spring.

What a great place to live!

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About Janice said...

Looks beautiful - I visited your flickr set too. I love how Leslie is in flip flops and you're packed out! I bet the boys ate it up.