Saturday, August 09, 2008

Premier League Ready To Go

Next Saturday is the beginning of Premier League 2008-2009 Season. Go here to see the schedule for the weekend's matches. On the right of this same page you will see the running standings for the season.

A reminder for those who have been away for too long: Premier League consists of the top 20 teams in England. Each team plays the others twice, once at home and once away. Wins earn the side 3 points, draws 1 point, and losses no points. The champion is the side with the most points at the end of the season.

To watch the matches in the US, tune into Fox Soccer Channel. Their broadcast schedule for PL is here.



Mike said...

I want an Arsenal double this year!!

Come on Gunners!


Mike said...

Sorry for the two comments, hit post too soon.

We start off with West Brom, so I like that as a less challenging start for the EPL season and I like Ade and Gallas already being on the board in Europe. Ramsey was impressive in his debut as well. Ade has to have a good season (Golden Boot type season) for Arsenal to be competitive.

I love Almunia, but I am not sure about our Carling Cup chances with Mannone and Fabianski as backups in goal.

A lot also relies on Song and Sagna I think. We know what we will get from Gallas and Toure (if Toure stays healthy) and Clichy is turning into the new A. Cole at FB. If Song and Sagna can step up and then one of the group of Senderos, Hoyte, Djourou, and Traore can step up the defense should be solid.

The midfield is exciting with Rosicky, Diaby (who looks a lot like a certain other Arsenal midfielder if he lives up to his form), Fabergas (in the discussion for the best midfielder in England), and Eboue really coming into their own with Nasri and Ramsey I am interested to see what they have.

The attack is really the worry I think. Van Persie just can't stay healthy, Ade can be a head case (but when he is on he is in the top 10 strikers in the world), Eduardo has not lived up to his Czech league form, and Walcott has such pace, but he is so young. Bendtner is a target guy which is not the Gunners style.

I love Wenger, but I am getting frustrated with him. He acts like Arsenal is a second division seller sometimes instead of one of the greatest teams in the EPL. He develops young players, but then lets them go or sells them off. He needs to make a big splash in the winter transfer market. I mean Ramsey and Nasri were good acquisitions, but both are young.

I want a double this year. Anything less is unacceptable.


Matthew Bradley said...

Wow, Mike! I don't know many Americans that follow EPL that closely. I wish I could, to be honest. But this season I do hope to follow it more closely than I have in the past. Thanks for chiming in!

Mike said...

I love the EPL. Best football in the world as far as I am concerned. I am encouraged that Arsenal was in it for as long as they were last season. I have been an Arsenal fan for going on five years really. I even got Sarah into them! They are the only kit that I wear from any of my favorite teams on a regular basis. Basically I DVR the Arsenal game if it is on and then catch up on Monday at the EPL website (it generally takes 30 minutes to sort through who did what). ManU looks good as always. Chelsea will be in the hunt. I am not sure Liverpool has the firepower. I am picking Aston Villa as my surprise pick. Portsmouth might also surprise in Europe. I am picking WBA, Hull City, and Sunderland to go down (I have a soft spot for Stoke, I just can't pick them to go down), while I am picking ManU and Arsenal to finish 1/2 with Chelsea, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Tottenham (as much as I hate to say that) in the next level.

I love football!


About Janice said...

Hey MT,
I tagged you on my blog for a list thingy. I won't get my feelings hurt if you don't play - I'm just trying to follow the rules.
I guess soccer and shepherding are keeping you too busy to blog, eh?
Hope y'all are doing real good up there in Nashville.

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks, Janice. I read your post the other day, but wasn't sure if your post counted as tagging. I was waiting to see if you said anything. :^)

As for being busy, that's about the long and short of it. I'm not so busy that I can't do anything else, but not much has been happening to us lately. We're getting settled in and enjoying Nashville, but there just hasn't been much to report. I'm studying for ordination and preparing lessons for Sunday and everything else just feels like it's on hold. If all goes well ordination will be complete in February (I decided to wait until the next cycle to give myself more time to study). After that I won't have any more excuses not to blog! I'll take another look at the rules of the game and try to respond to your tag when I get a chance. Thanks for dropping in!