Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We Made It!

Another update to let you all know we made it. The drive was only 10 hours! So we are closer to Dallas than my in-laws who live in El Paso. Anyway...I'm at my desk on my first day at the office. Leslie and the boys are at home getting stuff sorted out. Our household goods arrived yesterday and Mayflower did a great job with the move. Nothing important was damaged or missing. You wouldn't believe the weather here in Nashville. Simply breathtaking. I sat in the shade and was almost cold yesterday as the breeze blew through the front yard in the middle of the day.

The Lord continues to bless us far beyond what we deserve. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


GUNNY said...

Eat some White Castles for me, brother.

I need some comfort food after Deutschland fell to the Spanierds in Euro 2008.

Matthew Bradley said...

Your boys just didn't show up, Gunny. Frankly (no pun intended!), the match was one of the least enjoyable of the series. I thought Spain looked good, though. But one goal against the lackluster Germans was a bit meager.

Oh well...it was a great month worth of soccer. Now World Cup qualifications get going in earnest!

GUNNY said...

I concur. It was a very disappointing final, but it wasn't the first experience along those lines for me in June.

Remember the (less than) Mighty Lakers?

Mike said...

Hey at least your team made it Gunny. My good old Tri-Lions were left at home twiddling their thumbs.