Friday, June 27, 2008


Seven years?! That's the longest Leslie and I have ever lived in the same house in either of our lives. It has been a tremendous seven years, too. God called us to seminary in 2001, provided a house, a means of income during school, several great learning opportunities on different church staffs, and he called us out of the SBC and into the PCA. Not to mention my graduation from seminary. My parents have been here for the last 3 or 4 years, living just 12 minutes away. That has been a luxury we haven't had since we were married! Back then my parents lived in Germany and hers in Hawaii, while we were in Tennessee. God has been so good to us, including this latest move. We leave for a wonderful job in a great city, and the church has already been so welcoming and is taking great care of us.

So we leave with mixed emotions. Glad to be going where we're going to do what we'll be doing, but sad to leave behind great friends and family and a place that has been home longer than anywhere else. Thanks to all those that have been a part of the last seven years. Keep in touch!


M. Jay Bennett said...

I pray you have a safe trip. Goodbye friend.

Jared Nelson said...

"and he called us out of the SBC and into the PCA."

Lead us out of darkness, into Your marvelous light. :)

I loved being challenged in my thinking by you. Godspeed in Nashville.

GUNNY said...

You will be truly missed.

It would have been nice having you and Jay help me reform the SBC, but ... if I have to do everything!