Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Beautiful Game

I know most Americans just don't get the appeal of football (ie - soccer). This post is not an attempt to change your mind. However, for those that already get it, I've added a new section in the right hand column. Scroll don't a bit and you'll see what I've done. It can be tough for us American's to keep it all straight. There seem to be more Cups being contested...some national, some club, some here, some there. Even if you understand it, it can be hard to keep up. With the list I've put together, I'm hoping to provide you with three things. First, the title of the contest with a link to its web page. Second, a brief description of who generally participates and how often. And third, where they are in competition. Some of these things take several years (like World Cup), others are contested every year (like the Champion's League). I follow World Cup, EUFA (European national and club cups), the English Premier League (England's top 20 teams), and the FA Cup. Between the months of August and May that's a lot of football. Fox Soccer Net broadcasts much of it. ESPN, et al broadcast a bit as well. If you have questions, send them my way and I'll try to answer them. Otherwise wikipedia does a decent job of lining it all out. By the way, Euro 2008 began today. It's being broadcast on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic and ABC. Go here to find the schedule and listings. Enjoy!


GUNNY said...

I became a Manchester United fan when I lived in England the first time as a teenager.

Yet, even at the height of my interest, I don't think I ever got the leagues sorted.

Of course, I couldn't figure out Cricket either, so I may just have a small brain.

Matthew Bradley said...

It took a concentrated effort yesterday while watching the Swiss-Czech match to get it all sorted. Between wikipedia, the offical websites, and a call to my brother who has always had a better grip on this stuff than I do, I managed to work it out. of course, once you just start trying to figure out the league system itself in England all bets are off. For now I just think of it in terms of Premier League and then everybody else. But everybody else is more than 700 teams right now!

I sat at a resort in the islands a couple of years ago and had a local explain cricket to me during some championship. It made sense when she explained it, but now I couldn't figure it out if I had to.

Mike said...

I love trying to keep it straight!

Football is amazing!

Gooner for life!


Mike said...

As far as the lower reaches for English Football, it doesn't get really confusing until you get down to the regional (semi and non professional) leagues. I love the promotion/relegation system. Guess who is the longest continuously tenured club in the EPL?


Matthew Bradley said...

That would be Arsenal, I believe.

Of course, as an old Red Leg, I'm partial to anyone called "the Gunners".

Sarah said...

Hahahaha! I never even thought of that! But yes, it is Arsenal. The Gunners are on the move again. Watch out ManU!