Friday, June 13, 2008

36th GA on the Books

Another GA has passed. Just a very quick recap. Paul Kooistra served as moderator. And if I kept track properly, I believe all the Overtures Committee's recommendations were passed by the Assembly.

Of interest were overtures to amend the BCO with regard to membership. None of these passed. Also receiving much attention was an overture (#9) to appoint a study committee on the question of women serving as deacons. The committee recommended that no study committee be formed, noting that the BCO is very clear on the subject, and that any problems should be addressed through overtures to amend or by way of reference.

There was a minority report from the overtures committee on Overture 9 spoken to on the floor by Bryan Chapell. Although discussion made it clear the report had support the minority report was rejected in favor of making the committee's recommendation the main motion. After another period of discussion the recommendation was approved by a clear majority, not requiring a count. Thus the PCA has declined to form a study committee on this issue. I have to say...after sitting through the overtures committee's hours worth of discussion as well as the full discussion on the floor of Assembly, I am very encouraged by our rules. Regardless of your position on the issue of women in diaconal ministry, if you had been in the discussions, I think you would have been proud of your elders. I have no doubt that in the coming days and weeks the blogosphere will debate the decision of the Assembly. I hope that if you participate you will temper your remarks regarding the process and the men that were involved.

I also want to say that I LOVE General Assembly. Seeing old friends and watching the charitable interaction between our fathers and brothers is incredibly encouraging. I believe next year is in Orlando. I can't wait!

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