Thursday, November 29, 2007

Las Cosas Favoritas

Those of you who know me well know I'm not one to participate in such things. The fact that I am about to is a stunning testimony to my great respect for Rev. Gunny over at Semper Reformanda. I will not, however, be tagging anyone else. Unless I am mistaken, my answers will in all likelihood fail to entertain, and for this I would be ashamed if it weren't for the fact that I just don't care. Enjoy!

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was serving as a fire support officer in the 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. I had also just been informed I would be deploying to Kuwait in the coming year in support of Operation Intrinsic Action.

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was serving as the Spiritual Formation Pastor on staff at a Southern Baptist church plant in Forney, Texas.

3. Five snacks you enjoy?
Chips and Pace Picante Sauce. Nutter Butters. Red Bull. Heath Bar (or Score, but you don't see those much anymore). Nacho Cheese Doritos.

4. Five songs you know all the words to?
Anything by U2.

5. Five things you'd do if you were a millionaire?
Eliminate my student loan debt. If any is left after that...Buy a plane and get my instrument rating (and complex and multi). Buy any book I wanted. Get people better Christmas presents. Buy a new Mac laptop.

6. Five bad habits?
Doing whatever my friends ask me to. :^)
Staying up later than my body can comfortably sustain the following day. Eating too much during the holidays...but not so much at mealtimes...mostly the non-stop snacking between meals. Forgetting people's names. Being inadvertently rude. (I prefer to think of it as honesty, but it is typically not received positively).

7. Five things you like doing?
Flying. Sailing. Reading. Scuba Diving. Wrestling with my boys.

8. Five things you would never wear again?
I can honestly say that I'm not sure I've ever regretted anything I wore. I wasn't hip enough in the eighties to wear anything I might now be ashamed of. The 90s really don't offer the fodder of the 70s and 80s. There was a pair of clam diggers I wore pretty constantly in the summer of '85 that I would be unlikely to don in the future, regardless of whether or not they were back in fashion.


GUNNY said...

Thanks for enduring the beat down and sharing some interesting facts about your badself.

What you didn't tell the folks at home was that if you didn't submit, I was going to flood your inbox with emails you would have to forward to 93 of your friends to prove you love Jesus.

You know, the emails that talk about the "birdies" who help you and the one that says Jesus smells like rain when you lay on his chest as the garage door has you pinned underneath and the one where the chalk rolls down the atheist professor's leg and doesn't break and the one where "things aren't always what they seem" as the angel patches up the hole in the basement wall of the evildoer so he can't find the stash of money inside or the one where the random dude shows up at your house with a gallon of milk where the single mom had been praying HARD for some milk to feed the babies or the one where God gets to laugh at Satan as Jesus wins the computer contest after the electricity goes off, because "Jesus saves," etc.

So ... your love for Jesus is no longer in question.

With regard to my tagging ... let's see the devil try to stop this one.

Matt was not ashamed.

Funny isn't it? Funny how we'll forward jokes and slooge, but only those who REALLY love Jesus will tell of their favorite things on their blogs.

Read Matt's blog ... if you love Jesus.

P.S. We still have not heard from Jay the Bennett.

Hmm? That's VERY interesting.

Matthew Bradley said...

Interesting, indeed!

Perhaps he will descend from the mountain of "Love of Self" long enough to play a reindeer game or two? you love the brothers?

Jesus Girl said...

Woo-Hoo!!! I am obviously a true lover of Jesus because I am reading Matt's blog. I know the Gunn and that is how I was led here. I was impressed on your first item on the list as to what you were doing 10 years ago. I graduated from Killeen High School in 92. Ps. I am Gunny's sister. Merry Christmas.


Matthew Bradley said...

Hey Jesus Girl!

Thanks for stopping by and loving Jesus. I've seen your postings over at Gunny's place and am honored that you decided to visit my quiet little corner.

Have a great Christmas season! (There are 12 days, after all!)