Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting into the holiday spirit

Apple Stores across the country used this great screen saver during the Christmas holidays last year. Click on the title of this post to go to a free download with instructions for installation. Enjoy!


David said...


I noticed that you like to go on holiday to Cesme. I was wondering which church/ if any you attend whilst there.

I am looking for an evangelical church (none charismatic) and was wondering if you know of anything suitable in or near Cesme.

Anna Jack

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks for the comment, Anna Jack. It's been many years since I lived in Turkey. When I was there, I lived in Izmir and attended church there. I was never in Cesme on Sunday. We used to ride out for the day. I have some friends that might be able to help you, but because of persecution I need to be careful with what I share and how I share it. If you would still like some help, email me at sempereformata [at]

Have a great day!


Matthew Bradley said...

Anna Jack,

In case you are still interested, I spoke with my friend and he can indeed help you. Please email me if you are still interested.