Friday, September 14, 2007

bvi dolphins


GUNNY said...

Oh yeah!

You better be getting motivated for the Ags to beat the gehenna outta Miami tonight!

I've been sporting my jersey around town all day trying to conjure up the mojo.

Gig 'em!

Matt Bradley said...

WHOOP! I'm sawin' off horns with you Gunny, if only in spirit.

"Pass it back Ags!"

"Beat the h*** outta Miami! A! Whoop!"

GUNNY said...

To get you in the mood, here's a nice preview that gives the edge in many areas to the Ags.

I wish we could have been in Miami last night for some midnight yell, brutha!

Matt Bradley said...

yep...looks like yell was at the beach! That woulda been some time.

I'm cautiously optimistic...I think the players will do well, but the play calling has me a bit on edge...I haven't been impressed so far this season with the offensive play calling...

Thanks for the link...I'll check it out!