Monday, August 20, 2007

The Sign and Seal of the Covenant

Yesterday our sons, Ian (7) and Xavier (2) were baptized into the covenant community at Park Cities Presbyterian Church. It was a long journey from the Baptist church, and I don't regret my roots. But it's hard to describe the satisfaction of seeing your sons receive the sign of the covenant, not because of something they did, but because of who God is. God is faithful to keep his promises to his people. This quality of faithful love is "hesed" in the Hebrew of the OT, and is used often to invoke the all-encompassing truth that YHWH is a God that loves his people and is faithful to keep his promises, both to them and to their children. Peter reminds us of this in Acts 2:39.

Not only was yesterday a reminder of his faithfulness, but of our responsibility as parents to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Deut 6; Eph 6:4).

We praise God for his loving faithfulness and rest in him for the salvation of ourselves, and our children.


Thom said...

Matt, I'm not sure my theological vocabulary has caught up with a nod of deep agreement at the parental love and thanksgiving that lies behind this post. I don't know whether "congratulations," or "praise God," or "that's wonderful," is the right thing to say. Suffice to say thank you for sharing this moment. I am so happy for you and for your sons. God is good.

Matt Bradley said...

Thanks Thom! I can appreciate your comment. I wasn't sure exactly what to say in this post, and in the end I'm still not sure I captured it well. God is indeed good.

M. Jay Bennett said...

On the way to the car after the service I told Mark, whose daughter was also baptized Sunday, "Congratulations." Immediately I thought to myself: "That's an odd thing to say!"

I rejoice with you in the faithfulness of our God! There, that's better.

And . . . congratulations! I couldn't resist.

Matt Bradley said...

Thanks Jay!

GUNNY said...

Well ... part of me wants to give a hearty "Whoop!"

... but I'm afraid that will just encourage you guys all the more!


All in all, I'm thinking that was some "good bull" for the Bradley family.

How's that for a response?

Matt Bradley said...

Somehow, Gunny, coming from you, "Whoop!" and "good bull" are the most appropriate response.

Thanks for the tip o' the hat.