Friday, December 10, 2010

Books Every Lay Person Should Read: A Series

I'm going to start a series of posts here on the blog recommending books that I think are well-written and thoughtfully argued; on topics that are of importance either because they are so commonly impacting the lives of believers, or they are so commonly misunderstood, or they are simply important, period; and which are written at a length or level that most lay people will be willing to stick with it and get through the book.

As a pastor I'm always thinking about this when I read books. Is this a book I can recommend to the people to whom I minister? And so, to keep track of those books, I'm going to post them here with a brief review of each.

Another guiding principle in this project is that I generally just want to find one book to recommend on a given subject. I know on most subjects there are several great books at least. And perhaps I will list a very brief biography at the end of some of the posts, pointing folks to more reading if they wish to do it. But finding a book that is clear, concise, biblically and theologically sound, written for the non-professional-theologian, on an important topic, is actually hard enough that just finding one will often be a challenge.

So I hope the three of you who follow this blog will find these recommendations helpful. Enjoy!

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