Wednesday, June 30, 2010

General Assembly 2010

GA 2010 is in full swing. Committees began meeting on Monday and last night we began with our first assembly worship service. We elected a moderator (Harry Reeder) and will begin business this morning at 10:30.

There are a few links you'll need if you're following along this week.

First, you can watch online at:

Once on the page, click on the link to start the live stream.

Next, I will be posting primarily about overtures. I won't take the time to explain each overture (there won't be time!). Instead I'll use the overture numbers. If you would like to understand each overture a bit better, you can read the overtures themselves here:

Click on each overture and it will open as a pdf. In each overture, scroll down to the "Therefore" statement to find out what they're asking the Assembly to do.

These overtures go through a committee which sends them to the floor with a recommendation to affirm or reject the overture. These recommendations will then be voted on by the Assembly. Two issues of particular concern this year are the ongoing discussions re: women in diaconal ministry and the presentation of the denomination's strategic plan, which has been a source of concern for quite a few folks.

The Strategic plan will come to the floor at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday). This is a special order, which means that it really will come to the floor at that time. The overtures are scheduled for 4:30pm Thursday, but are not a special order, which means we'll get to them when we get to them.

So stay tuned!

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