Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overture #6

We are now addressing the supplemental report of the committee with respect to #6 from earlier today.

The concern here is that we tighten up our constitution to protect our pastors and churches from legal action with regard to marriage between same sex couples. It was recommitted to the committee earlier because it was felt that the language of the overture did not adequately address what most felt to be a legitimate problem. By sending it back to the committee to perfect the language, we were able to avoid putting it off another year. The committee has proposed some very good amendments to the BCO in order to address the issue properly. We will vote momentarily.

The new recommendation of the committee is that the overture be affirmed with the stated amendments to the original overture. This will not grant constitutional authority to the section in question, but will provided the desired protection.

There was a question as to the approval process. Normally BCO changes must go down to the Presbyteries and come back next year. The Moderator ruled it does not in this case. The ruling of the moderator has been challenged and it will now go to a vote.

The chair was sustained. It now goes to a vote.

A 2/3 vote is required in order for the overture to pass.

There was a motion to recommit this to the committee.

After much debate, the question was called and defeated.

We are now debating the original question.

The committee's motion has passed with the required 2/3 majority.

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