Saturday, May 16, 2009

Manchester United Win Premiership!

They tied Arsenal today to pick up the last point they needed. Since no one can catch them on points, this means the season is theirs. But Premiership isn't done yet. There is still a battle to determine which three teams will be relegated to the lower league. The teams finishing bottom three must play next season in the Championship, which is the second level of professional football in England. Today is match week 37 of 38. Next week is the end of match play.

Meanwhile, don't miss the Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona on May 27 at 1:30pm central time. Barcelona is sure to win La Liga (the professional league in Spain), so this final will be the best in Spain vs the best in England. I think Man U will win handily, but one never knows.

Finally, don't miss the FA Cup final. FA Cup is played each year in England and this year began with almost 800 teams. It's now down to two, Chelsea and Everton. They play May 30.

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