Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama: President

This post originally spoke out against Obama as a candidate due to his pro-abortion stance. My views have not changed. However, the circumstances have. Obama is now the President-elect. Therefore I've removed this post since it can no longer have the intended effect of undermining his support as a candidate.

In its place I want to remind all confessors of Jesus Christ, regardless of how you cast your vote, that daily the merciless dismemberment, burning, and stabbing of the innocent unborn continues. In very few cases does it have anything to do with rape, or endangerment of the mother's life. It is most often simply a form of birth control - the removal of an inconvenience. Let us pray that our new president will break his campaign promises to proliferate this injustice. Let us pray that our society will come to see the horrific nature of this crime. Let us pray that we as a church on earth cannot be accused by future generations of being silent while this took place.

It is no more true under Obama than it would have been under McCain: God is sovereign and our hope and trust can only be in Him.

Lord, have mercy.