Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spreading Out

From here on out this blog will only be for family posts. I've started a new blog for thoughts and notes related to my ministry. Of course, these two things are not to be put in separate boxes, and occasionally I will cross-post thoughts or stories related to my family and faith. But many things, like the post that I'm going to follow this one up with, fit more neatly in the family category, while notes on my study of Jonah, etc, will fit more neatly in the ministry category. So there you go. It isn't finished yet, but for the sake of not having to come back and edit this post later, you can find my new blog at


M. Jay Bennett said...

Looks like a good start over there. Looking forward to many great posts.

M. Jay Bennett said...

I had trouble with the link. I had to add the "www" for it to work.

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks, Jay. Looks like I'll have to edit the post after all.