Sunday, June 15, 2008

Turkiye Wins!!!

If you aren't following Euro 2008, you are missing some fantastic soccer! Turkey just came from behind 2-nil to win 3-2 with two late goals followed by a red card shown to their keeper, leaving them a man down for the last two minutes of play. They now finish the group #2 and pass through to the next round where they will play Croatia. The first half was dominated by the Czechs, whose defense was solid, taking them into halftime with a 1-0 lead. They came back in the second with a second goal, certainly leaving Turkey for dead. But the momentum changed quickly with the Turks pressing shot after shot. With 5 minutes left in regulation Turkey scored their second goal, tying the game up. The discussion turned to penalty kicks to provide an equalizer, but Turkey struck again within minutes, taking them ahead by one, where they remained until the whistle. Wow! Great match! The only remaining issue is the red card shown to Turkish keeper, Volkan in the last moments of the game. For some inconceivable reason the Turkish keeper, Volkan, shoved a Czech player who (as you can imagine) played it up quite a bit, falling and rolling over. So Volkan will not be available for the Turks' match against Croatia.


GUNNY said...

Of course, I'm still pulling for Deutschland (uber Alles).

I just wonder how you can pull for something you eat every Thanksgiving.

Here's the bit I told you about regarding the German ladies.

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks, Gunny.

And congrats on your Germans pulling through! Condolences on the next match, though. Portugal will be tough.