Thursday, May 22, 2008

More News on the GA Front

There have been 3 more Overtures to the General Assembly regarding the issue of women being ordained as deacons. In addition to Overture 9 from the Phildelphia Presbytery mentioned in my previous post, Western Canada (Overture 15) has essentially concurred with the Overture 9, and Rocky Mountain (Overture 17) has requested that the scope be extended (if Overture 9 is approved) to a broader discussion of the role of women in church. Also, Central Georgia has responded (Overture 19) to the first two (9 and 15) by requesting that no committee be formed. The language of this overture is especially strong, indicating that the churches of Central Georgia see no need to visit this issue. It may turn out to be a considerable discussion this year after all.

In other overtures, I think my favorite so far this year is Overture 3 from Southeast Alabama Presbytery. This overture seeks to amend the BCO in order to correct language that would seem to imply that transfering to a non-PCA church requires an act of church discipline. It also (and this is the part I like) requests that the BCO be amended to include the Apostle's Creed in the membership vows, noting that there is no trinitarian statement or confession required for membership in the PCA at this point.

And finally, there are some names emerging for moderator that are interesting. North Texas Presbytery's own Rev. David Clelland is mentioned, as well as Dr. O. Palmer Robertson, Dr. Tom Kay, and Dr. Paul Kooistra.

While I'm happy to update you on these things and plan to continue doing so, I get most my information from following the overtures on the PCA website as well as by subscription to byFaith Magazine online.

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About Janice said...

These updates are great! When I was working for the PCA Foundation, I attended GA in '01 (Dallas), '02 (B'ham), and '03 (Charlotte). Amazing experiences. One of the best parts: worship services and hymn singing mid-day with 1500 men's voices! I have a lot of respect for Rev. Clelland. He's served on the PCAF board for many, many years. Robertson is of course awesome (Christ of the Covenants, Israel of God, etc!!). I know of Tom Kay, but never met him. I'd be surprised if Kooistra was elected, because of the recent loss of his sweet wife. But what do I know.
One of the women involved in planning activities for the wives and children is Marlys Mulkey. I can't begin to tell you how much her teaching has ministered to me. If Leslie ever gets a chance to hear her teach or do one of her Bible studies, she'll not be disappointed.