Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

If any person is devout and loves God, let him come to this radiant triumphant feast.
If any person is a wise follower, let him enter into the joy of his Lord, rejoicing.
If any have fasted long, let him now receive refreshment.
If any have labored from the first hour, let him today receive his just reward.
If any came at the third hour, let him keep the feast with thankfulness.
If any arrived at the sixth hour, let him have no misgivings for he shall not be deprived.
If any delayed to the ninth hour, let him draw near, fearing nothing.
If any have waited, even until the eleventh hour, let him not be alarmed at this tardiness.
For the Lord will accept the last even as the first.
Therefore, all of you, enter into the joy of your Lord.
Rich and poor together, hold high festival.
Diligent and heedless, honor this day.
Both you who have fasted, and you who did not fast, rejoice together today.
The table is full; all of you, feast sumptuously.
The calf is fatted; let no one go away hungry.
Enjoy the feast of faith; receive the riches of God's mercy.
Let no one bewail his poverty, for the fullness of the kingdom is revealed.
Let no one weep for his iniquities, for forgiveness shines forth from the grave.
Let no one fear death, for the Savior's death has set us free.
He who was held prisoner by death has annihilated it.
By descending into death, he made death captive.
He angered it when it tasted of his flesh.
Isaiah saw this, and he cried:
"Death was angered when it encountered you in the lower regions."
It was angered, for it was defeated.
It was angered, for it was mocked.
It was angered, for it was abolished.
It was angered, for it was overthrown.
It was angered, for it was bound in chains.
It received a body and it met God face to face.
It took earth and encountered heaven.
It took that which is seen and fell upon the unseen.
O Death, where is your sting?
O Grave, where is your victory?
Christ is risen and you are overthrown.
Christ is risen and the devils have fallen.
Christ is risen and the angels rejoice.
Christ is risen and life reigns.
Christ is risen and not one dead remains in the grave.

For Christ, being risen from the dead, is become the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep, and to Him be glory and honor, even to eternity. Amen.

The Paschal Sermon
St. John Chrysostom

(as printed in the PCPC order of worship on Resurrection Sunday, 2008)


Jared Nelson said...

I loved that part of the Order of Worship, wish we used some of it in worship...

About Janice said...

Thanks for the Mac recommendation, too. I've always wanted a Mac. Maybe now's the time!