Monday, January 07, 2008

Political Posturing

So in this season of non-stop poli talk, I've been tracking along pretty well, trying to figure out how I might vote (assuming I do). I start off by ruling out the dems. I just can't go that route. However, among republicans I was beginning to despair. Some of the strongest political sentiments I have felt in a long time are directed at Mitt Romney...I want him to lose as badly as I want Hillary Clinton to lose. If either of them become president then I'm moving to the BVI. Huckabee isn't bad, but I'm still watching to see if the faith thing is just a card he plays. He was a bit skimpier on it last night in NH, leading me to believe he sees it as just another card in his deck. He's also not a true conservative. Fiscally he's just another democrat. The Corner has done a decent job of exposing Huckabee for what he is. But the more I consider McCain, the more convinced I become that he is the man. Anyone out there (from a sympathetically conservative pov) got any insights into why I shouldn't vote for McCain? I don't think he's the most "conservative" option. I think Romney is the most "conservative". But if I'm right about that, then that just goes to show how silly the conservative side has become. Romney is a status quo politician that will tell any lie he has to in order to get elected. Anyway...I'm looking for someone to set me straight. What am I missing? Why shouldn't I vote for McCain?


Jared Nelson said...

I won't talk you out of voting for McCain; I'm going to. He's right on:

1) Government over-spending

2) Torture is not ethical

3) The War

4) Pro-life

The only negatives people bring up are 1) Campaign finance reform (which Bush signed) 2) Immigration reform (That Bush supported). To me, McCain is better than Bush on the first 3 of the pros and McCain can speak in public without making me want to identify myself as a Libertarian rather than Republican (like I want to do when Bush speaks). I think that Romney and Thompson are good on the issues, but I rather have someone with the experience of McCain.

And a Huckabee vote is mere identity politics. I might as well vote for a Dutch or Swedish American merely for race reasons as for an Evangelical merely for the label. I for one am ready for a break from having a wear-it-on-your-sleave high-profile born-again in office. I also think Huckabee campaigning in churches is a sin deserving of leprosy:

Matthew Bradley said...


With last night's win, things are at least heading in the right direction for McCain. We'll have to see if he survives South Carolina.