Saturday, May 26, 2007

More on the service oriented nature of the 'net more recommendation and I'm done!

For all you pastor types out there (or anyone that does any public speaking for that matter), I've found another very helpful site. Think LibraryThing only for organizing your quotes. I've stumbled around for years not doing a good job of managing my quotes. I run across something and think, "That would work well for an illustration!" or "I could use that in a sermon sometime!" only to lose it or forget it. Not anymore! This site allows me to record all my quotes and their sources as well as organize them by any title I choose to give them. I can also tag all my quotes and search them according to tag. Writing a sermon on some aspect of sin? Just look up your "sin" tag and every quote you've ever cataloged is there. Create a tag (for example) "Sunday Sermon" and tag all your quotes for this Sunday's sermon. Then it prints out in large font in an easy to read format to take into the pulpit with you!

I know the suspense is killing you, so I'll point you over there now: Manage My Quotes

Check it out!

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GUNNY said...

SWEET tips as of late.

Gracias, Amigo!