Thursday, July 13, 2006

Reading Appetite

Having just finished 5 years of seminary and being told what to read, I am now free to branch out a bit. Don't get me wrong, I loved the reading...Edwards, Calvin, Owen, etc. But I enjoy reading a little more broadly than this. So the first thing I did was catch up on the Harry Potter series. Then, calling my friend Greg for some ideas, he suggested Over the Edge of the World about Magellan's circumnavigation of the earth. This sent me on a binge of naval exploration reading that I set aside only briefly to read David McCullough's 1776. My love of history and my growing love of sailing are perfectly matched in this genre. I've read about Cook (Blue Latitudes), men abandoned on deserted islands for years at a time (Selkirk's Island), and am currently reading about the American Navy during the Revolution in Rebels Under Sail. So if you ask me what I'm reading, the answer will likely include elements of history and sea-going insanity.


itzgina said...

I really love Rndy Alcorn's stuff. Gives a great perspective on heaven. Does Leslie read? (I know she knows how) If so, I would like to know what she has been reading. Enjoyed the blog.


Leslie said...

Did you see Matt posted my reading list?
The difference is, his list has been read in the last 3 months, or less. My list has taken a year.
I can read really quick when I don't have another thing to do - like 2 books in 4 days when we went to the BVI last year. But being a working mom significanty slows the reading pace.