Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the Department of State

For the few that are checking this regularly, I want to try and mitigate the impression created by the press and a few that have made statements in interviews to the effect that the Department of State is not doing their best to get our people out quickly. In addition to having contact with dad, I have some direct insight into the work State is doing to get our people out and they are doing a fantastic job. Keep in mind, few other countries (I believe Canada is the only exception I have heard about) have anything like the number of people we have in the region needing to be evac'd. Not only are there large numbers, but unlike the Europeans and other Middle Easterners, Americans must give a great deal of attention to security. A Swede has little to worry about from Hezbollah. Americans, because of our commitment to democracy and our prominent role in international affairs, are a target. So not only must State figure out how to transport a large number of people on short notice, they must do it safely against potential opposition. Instead of whining, we (on both sides of the Atlantic) should be praising State for their commitment to our family members and their safety. They have been professional without exception.

By the way, the Embassy released a statement today that Sec. Rice announced that the law passed by congress requiring Americans to reimburse the government for the evac will be waived in this case.

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